They say life is all about taking risks. But, when things can be controlled, why take risks? This is why people get insurance.

 Now, what is insurance?

Insurance is something which you get on things to keep it safe and secure when something wrong happens like, when you meet an accident, you can protect yourself and your car in advance. This is known as insurance. In simpler words, people get insurance to keep themselves and their materialistic things safe.

Why should we get insurance? Is it really necessary?

It’s one of the important decisions you should make while getting insurance for the right things. Yes, it’s necessary to get insurance for many things in life. Why? It is for your safety from so many uncertainties in life.

Different types of insurance:

1)      Life insurance

2)      Property insurance

3)      Fire insurance

4)      Personal insurance

5)      Plumbing insurance

What is plumbing insurance?

Just like any other insurance, plumbing insurance is also for safety and protection only from risks and uncertainty. The insurance is for plumbers and contractors who deal in plumbing.

Why take plumbing insurance?

Plumbing insurance should be taken to ensure safety because when accidents take place, we must have resources which can help us. Plumbing is an important process for keeping any home for healthy and hygienic.

 Here are some plumbing insurance coverages:

1)      General liability:

This coverage protects contractors against lawsuits and actions which results in accidents.  For example: when being blamed by the customer for her leaking of pipes at her bathroom.

2)      Commercial auto:

This coverage is for the tools which are used during the process of plumbing, like pipes, faucets, and other plumbing tools. The damage of these tools can happen when it’s traveling from the warehouse to the store or from another store to the customer’s residential place.

3)      Business owner’s policy (BOP):

This coverage is for commercial buildings and personal property.

4)      Worker’s compensation:

This compensation compromises, medical, and lost wages for employees who have been ill or injured during work.

 Here are some examples of when you can claim on your plumbing insurance.

Example 1: you are a plumber and you are working at a customer’s home, trying to fix a broken pipe at that time and all of a sudden there is a leak in the house and the customer slips and gets hurt, during that time, you can claim for the insurance if you are liable.

Example 2: If the customer’s ring is lost when the plumber was trying to fix the kitchen tap, then the customer was trying to find it and injures her hand at times like that also insurance could be claimed.

Paperwork which is involved in plumbing insurance:

Before getting your insurance, you should provide a certificate of the currency which should include, full name, policy number, should include the notation.

It is advisable that licensed plumbers must have proper insurance the protection which is why you as a plumber should get your plumber’s insurance as soon as possible.